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Indonesian Wild Civet Coffee – 100% Pure and Authentic


If you are interested in our Kopi Luwak Products, you can contact us by this information below:

Phone 1: +6221 93333693

Phone 2: +628568557557

Email: info@civetcoffee.info

Skype ID: jpwindonesia

SMS/Whatsapp/LINE Chat: +628568557557

We will reply all incoming emails within 1×24 hours

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We will using EMS from POS Indonesia for all International buyers. We will calculate all your orders with the shipping cost.

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Company Information


Brand Name: JPW COFFEE

Location: Kavling Polri Ampera, Jl.B1 no.24, Ragunan, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Phone: +6221 93333693

Email: info@jpwcoffee.com

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JPW Coffee only sells the Original and high quality Kopi Luwak /Civet Coffee from Indonesia. Our Civet Coffee is processed with a very tight SOP, which is started with the Civet Coffee bean sorting, Green Bean’s processing, and/until the grinding process. Our Coffee Bean selected by Civet naturally from the Coffee Plantation.

Our Kopi luwak/Civet Coffee raw bean is processed using the dried processing system to get the best green bean result. This green bean has to face the roasting process using a modern electrical Coffee Roaster Machine to get the best Roasted Civet Coffee Bean. Moreover, we also use the special Coffee Grinder to grind coffee so that it can achieve the right proportion of smoothness that can be organized and also changed based on your taste. The JPW Coffee provides Civet Coffee that is really fresh for you.

Our Civet Coffee origin: Aceh Gayo, Sumatera, Indonesia

How is the quality of Kopi Luwak JPW Coffee?

JPW Coffee only sells civet coffee from the best kopi luwak producer or area in Indonesia. Aceh Gayo is one of the best places you can get the best coffee in Indonesia, even in the world. The climate and environment condition make coffee to grow properly. When the land is higher from the sea level, you can manage to get the better quality of coffee. The coffee bean we planted is at the high of 1.300 meter from the sea level. We sell only the best quality and selected Civet Coffee bean.

JPW Coffee sells Kopi Luwak Premium Grade and Gold Grade (Peaberry), what are the differences?

The differences between the Kopi Luwak Premium Grade and Gold Grade are in the aroma and taste’s intensity it can provide. Kopi Luwak Gold Grade came from peaberry coffee bean or mostly known as male coffee bean. The number of peaberry coffee bean in one tree is very a little, only reach up to 3 to 5 %. Therefore, in one kilos of Kopi Luwak Premium Grade, the maximum number of coffee bean we can get only up to 100 grams of Peaberry (Gold Grade) Kopi luwak bean. The meaning of this one single bean in here is that one coffee only consist of one bean, while in general, there are usually two beans in one coffee bean. That is why people commonly call it as peaberry or make coffee bean.

The common explanation is like this: when you eat in one plate for two people and compare it with when you it with other people but each person gets her/his own plate. Sure the nutrition it can provide is more than the one plate for two people. Therefore, the number of nutrition in the male coffee bean is better and higher. That is why the scent and also taste it provides is better.

If it is scored, the Kopi Luwak Premium Grade has the approximate value 8, and Kopi Luwak Gold Grade (Peaberry) have the approximate value 9.

Does JPW Coffee sell original kopi luwak/civet coffee?

You can do the cupping test for our civet coffee, if you found our coffee is fake, we will return your money 100%.

Does JPW Coffee have certification?

We have a certification from the Indonesian Health Service with number P-IRT 610327601439 and Sucofindo with number 26663/DBBPAE. The result of Sucofindo test to our kopi luwak is excellent. And it is very safe to be consumed. It is because there is no chemical substance or dangerous thing for your health in it.

Does JPW Coffee also seel kopi luwak/Civet Coffee bean instead of the powder only?

Yes, we sell Green Bean Civet Coffee and Roasted Bean Civet Coffee.

Does JPW Coffee receive a big quantity of Civet Coffee order?

Yes. We receive this kind of order. For now, we can accomplish stock up until 250kg/month and we still manage to raise it according to costumers’ needs. We will give you a special price for this kind of order.

15 Reasons why you should buy Kopi Luwak JPW Coffee:

  • Civet Coffee Quality Grade A (Premium Grade) and Grade A+ (Gold Grade)
  • 100% Pure Arabica Civet Coffee from Aceh Gayo – Indonesia
  • Hygiene and production process with super tight SPO
  • Free dangerous bacteria for your health.
  • Save for cardio disease patient
  • 100% pure Kopi Luwak Arabica.
  • Has served for some major countries such as USA, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, German, Netherland, France, Italy
  • More than 3 years experience.
  • Fast service
  • Affordability
  • You can come to our store or we can send you the products.
  • JPW Coffee has official industry named PT. JPW INDONESIA, therefore our professionalism and quality are guaranteed.
  • JPW Coffee has good management and clear marketing concept.
  • Best support to reseller and end user
  • Been tested by barista, and no one regrets of our Kopi Luwak JPW Coffee’s quality.
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