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Buy Civet Coffee

By admin on January 1, 2013 in Civet Coffee

Buy Civet Coffee

Civet Coffee is unique. Civet coffee have some special taste and aroma which not have by another coffee. Indonesia is the biggest civet coffee producer arround the world. You can buy civet coffee in Indonesia arround $200/kg. Civet coffee previously only known as a myth. Nobody believe that Civet can produce the best coffee from their digestive process.

buy civet coffee

Right now we know two types of civet coffe, there is Wild Civet Coffee and Cage Civet Coffee. Many people said that wild civet coffee have better taste and aroma than cage civet coffee. Wild civet coffee came from civet that live naturally in forest. They usually eat coffee cherry at night. Civet can distinguish the best coffee cherry from coffee trees. And in the morning, the farmer go to the forest and they are looking for collecting the civet poop.

Civet can’t digest the coffee bean. Civet have weak digestion, so the coffee bean is still in good condition and go through with their feces. This bean will be cleaned by the farmers, and process to green bean. Before the raw bean will be process to green bean, the raw bean must be pounded and then the farmers choose only the good green bean. And then those green beans do the washing process arround a few hours, and after all the green bean is clean, farmers do the dry processing.

All the civet coffee green bean must be homogeneus, solid, and bright. Civet only eat the best coffee cherry, so the green bean must be have a good quality. The secret why civet coffee is so special is from the bean quality and the fermentation by the civet digesting system. Buy civet coffee is more easy right now. You can find the civet coffee seller from google. But, find the high quality and 100% pure civet coffee is hard thing. You must be take care of this, and don’t believe who sell civet coffee so cheap, and also the expensive one. You must try yourselft before you buy. Just try to buy civet coffee start from small quantity, for example in 1kg first. You do the cupping test, if you think the taste and aroma is different with the other coffee, you can try to believe that’s the real civet coffee.

JPW Coffee is coffee company from Indonesia that sell Original Wild Civet Coffee. We only sell 100% Pure Civet Coffee from wild civet. We sell Arabica Civet Coffee from Aceh Gayo, Sumatera, Indonesia.

So… if you looking about the real wild civet coffee, buy civet coffee from JPW Coffee! If you found that our civet coffee is fake, we will giving you money back! 100% Customer Guarantee Satisfaction!