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Civet Coffee Buyers

By admin on January 11, 2013 in Civet Coffee

Civet Coffee Buyers

Everyone knows about civet coffee. Since the Oprah Winfrey Show aired a show about Kopi Luwak, every person in the world looking for civet coffee. They want to know how the flavor and aroma of this civet coffee. They want to know why civet coffee could be the “most expensive coffee in the world”. Nowadays, many civet coffee buyers come to Indonesia to find the Real Civet Coffee.

civet coffee buyers

Civet coffee history began since the Dutch colonized Indonesia, at which time they forced all the people of Indonesia to plant coffee on land that had been prepared. Indonesia has a diverse of coffees. Indonesia produced almost all varieties of coffee such as Arabica, Robusta, Excelca, and Liberika. Arabica coffee is the most popular because it is balanced, suitable for coffee mix. Most coffee shops like Starbucks are using Indonesian Coffee Arabica to making coffee blend for all their products.

Nowadays civet coffee buyers came to Indonesia, because they know about Indonesian coffee qualities. Most of USA and Europe people more interested in wild civet coffee. They believe wild civet coffee is having better taste and aroma than cage civet coffee. It’s hard to find authentic wild civet coffee, many farmers try to blend or mix the civet coffee with another coffee to gain high profit due to high demand of this coffee.

You as the civet coffee buyers should be careful before choosing civet coffee. There are a few tips on how to find Authentic and Original Luwak coffee from Indonesia:

  • Look at the seller website. Civet coffee sellers must have a educative and informative website. They should be transparent about the products, and they can explain well about the product knoweldges.
  • Civet coffee certification. This is important, because not all sellers are certified. With this certificate, less likely to cheat.
  • Try to buy civet coffee in small quantities. You can try it first on the aroma and flavor of civet coffee. If you feel a distinct flavor and aroma, you can begin to believe that this is an authentic civet coffee. You can also the buy green beans of civet coffee, you can see the original civet coffee from the green beans. Genuine civet coffee green bean must be solid, bright, and fragnant.
  • Civet coffee sellers have trusted entities, and registered with the Government of Indonesia. It is less likely for the seller to deceive the buyer.
  • Fast response. You can try to email the seller, if they are quick to respond, it’s a sign that they are good and trustworthy seller.

JPW Coffee is one of the trustworthy sellers Civet coffee from Indonesia. We have a business entity, we have all the certifications of civet coffee, we had a quick response to the client, and you can meet with us and see our products at our office in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We can provide Authentic Wild Civet Coffee for you with the best quality and stable, we are always evaluating our products, and we always make improvements to the quality of products to give you the best civet coffee.

Are you civet coffee buyers? If you want to order civet coffee, you can contact us by email and we will reply to your message 1×24 hours!