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Civet Coffee History

By admin on November 4, 2012 in Civet Coffee

As we know, Civet Coffee is became the Most Expensive Coffee in the world right now.  All people arround the world tried to find the best Civet coffee from Indonesia. As the one of the biggest Coffee producer, Indonesia Civet Coffee placed the best ranking of the civet coffee quality in Asia. Indonesia Civet Coffee has unique taste and flavor.

civet coffee

History of Indonesia Civet Coffee

Start from VOC colonialist came to Indonesia in 18th century, they know Indonesia is the best place to Coffee plantation. They created a big plan for Indonesia to became the biggest  coffee producer. With that plan, all Indonesian people forced to created the Coffee plantation. Coffee from Indonesia became the famous drink and expensive. Many country tried to buy Coffee from Indonesia. At that time, coffee only can be enjoyed by the nobility.

Indonesian coffee farmer cannot trying that coffee, so they are trying to find another way to get the coffee bean. The only way to get the coffee bean is from civet poop, or we known as  luwak. Coffee berry is civet favourite fruit. At night, civets eat coffee berry from the plantation, and in the morning, the civet poop found by farmer, and they clean the bean, and they process to be a ground coffee. It turns out that the coffee from civet poop has very good in taste and aroma. In a short time, this civet poop coffee information is heard by the VOC. After that, all the farmer were instructed to collect the civet poop coffee. And civet coffee became the most expensive coffee until now.

Based to that history, civet coffee has been known since 18th. But but his presence had become extinct until this civet coffee  was covered in Oprah Winfrey show. At that show, Oprah tell us the price of civet coffee is arround $70/cup. It’s very expensive price for a cup of coffee. After that Oprah Winfrey show, all people arround the world try to find that legendary coffee from Indonesia.

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